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"Cryptology in the Quantum Era" - Live Webinar Hosted by Assoc of Old Crows

Thursday, March 16, 2017 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

"Cryptology in the Quantum Era" - Live Webinar Hosted by Assoc of Old Crows

Location: Online Webinar
Description: The Association of Old Crows hosts a series of live webinars (also available to view for 24 hours after the live event).

In early March, the first portion of a cryptology webinar presented by Andreas Leiser aired. The second portion of the webinar will be presented on 16 March. See details below.

This second webinar will explore the principles of quantum computers (qubit, superposition,...) and why it is believed that they are a huge game changer in computational science in general and in cryptography in particular (Shor’s algorithm, quantum FFT, super-polynomial speed-up). It is also noted that at the other side of the game, “quantum cryptography” (quantum key distribution (QKD)) may potentially help for unprecedented security. Finally, the presentation is concluded by a summary and a short outlook on post-quantum cryptography candidates (McEliece, lattice-based, code-based, etc.).

Please see the link below to the Association of Old Crows website to register for this event and to see their library of other virtual education opportunities.